PNDP III : “Performance Desk” on course in the East Region

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Publié initialement le 13 Déc. 2017

PNDP III : “Performance Desk” on course in the East Region

All the 33 councils of the East region have presented their level of appropriation of the Performance Desk tool put at their disposal by the National Community Driven Development program, PNDP. That was during an evaluation ceremony organized by the PNDP regional office. The ceremony lasted for 12 days (17 –28 July 2017).

During the period, the criteria for performance that were given to all the councils were examined and some of the councils were found to be respecting them while others were still lagging behind. They mayors were once again enjoined to multiply efforts in appropriating the tool given that it will to a greater extent facilitate the management of their council area.

The ceremony was placed under the auspices of the east regional Governor, Gregoire Mvongo.

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