Citizen Action : The Community Scorecard Project goes Operational

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Publié initialement le 13 Déc. 2017

Citizen Action : The Community Scorecard Project goes Operational

The population of the East region of Cameroon can now fully participate and monitor the management of public affairs in the region, thanks to the community scorecard project launched by the governor of the region. The ceremony took place at the conference hall of the SUN-CITY Hotel on the 29th of August 2017.

The go ahead was given by the governor of the East region, Gregroire Mvongo
With the implementation of the Scorecard in the East region, investigations will henceforth be carried out to get the opinions of the population relative to public offers and communal activities.

It will help decision makers to plan properly and evaluate just how well their implementation strategies are perceived by the population. This is a very important tool designed by the PNDP to improve population participation and involvement in their different council areas.

The official launching ceremony that took place in Bertoua was attended by close collaborators of the Governor,officials of PNDP, 13 Mayors of the East region and their Community Development Officers, regional delegates of the ministries of Public Health, Basic Education, Water and Energy, Economy, Planning and Regional development.

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