MARCH 8, 2019 : the National Coordinator of the PNDP speaks

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Publié initialement le 18 Mars 2019

MARCH 8, 2019 : the National Coordinator of the PNDP speaks

The National Coordinator of the PNDP speaks

The National Community-Driven Development Program women celebrated the 34th International Women's Day at the Mérina Hotel in Yaounde.

"A woman is a natural creature made by the almighty for seek of man”. It’s is in these words that the National Coordinator of PNDP introduced her speech at the opening ceremony for the celebration of the International Women Day, organized at the Merina hotel in Yaounde.

She seized this opportunity to indicate that a man need obviously a woman by his side, because it will be of no sense to imagine the existence of men without women. They share together a complementary relationship.

The PNDP National Coordinator also declared that, the celebration of this International Women Day in Cameroon should be an opportunity to recognize women talents and the important rules they play at the family and entrepreneurial level. She also mentioned that women fight should not mainly be focus on the necessity of their emancipation, but on the game, they can play to build up a strong and progressive society, because “The wise woman participates enormously in the construction of the stability and prosperity of her home while the senseless woman destroys her family structure with her own hand”.

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